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Rich experience in the debt collection industry

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Rich experience in the debt collection industry

Rich Experience in
Debt Collection Industry

Rich experience in the debt collection industry

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    Some debt purchasers who purchase sizable portfolios use a Master Servicer to assist in managing their portfolios across multiple collection agencies.


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    An increasing number of collection agencies, sometimes referred to as "debt buyers", purchase debts from creditors for a percentage of the value of the debt.


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    Some states have specific laws regarding debt buying. For example, Kansas does not allow wage garnishments on purchased debt.

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    International debt collection
    is a specialised field

    Not many companies specialize in this sort of collection as there may be a need to speak different languages and have a knowledge of the different legal systems and laws. International collection calls are often made in a different language than used in the collecting company.

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    Few companies offer a network of
    local debt collection specialists

    The local partner is aware of the national laws and regulations, and often aware of the debtor profiles in his region. Due to this approach, international debts can be successfully collected via local debt collection specialists.

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    There are few secrets to successful collections - no one has analogues

    Fortunately, our company offers many advantages not readily available at larger agencies or at many smaller consumer no or commercial debt collection firms. These differences make a significant impact on your debt collection results by eliminating unnecessary expenses and freeing up employee resources while producing substantial debt recovery.

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    Unpaid debt can be punished through liens on the debtor's income or assets. Selling products and services on credit involves potential risk of non-payments and delays, which can harm businesses.